Camp Simba 2015

Camp Simba 2015 was yet another success! This year, we saw a total of 62 participants from multiple partner institutions, KK Hospital, HCA Hospice, Singapore Cancer Society, and National Cancer Institute Singapore. Our campers were carefully matched to 32 student facilitators recruited from Duke-NUS and YLLSoM in a 2 to 1 ratio.

As with previous years, Camp Simba 2015 has a theme running throughout the 3 days, which is built into the camp through a 6-part skit. Our theme this year is “Games City –  Power Up!”, a video game related theme that found favour with many of our young campers of this digital age.

However, this gaming theme is not only for fun, but also to convey an important message, in hopes that the kids discover something about themselves.

Children were brought along a journey with our main characters, two schoolboys who accidentally arrived in a video game reality, where they overcame many adversities and obstacles with their own strength, wisdom, and courage, to finally complete the mission and return home. 

Although the emotional strain of having a relative with cancer rages on, we hope that the children realise that they will always have a helping hand and an entire community whom they can fall back on.  We look forward to see how the children have progressed during our reunions in September, November and March.


Camp Simba would not have been possible without our dedicated group of volunteers comprising of facilitators, game masters, actors and two nurses who followed us throughout the camp.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks once again to our partners: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, HCA Hospice Care, Singapore Cancer Society and National University Cancer Institute, Singapore.

Special thanks goes out to our sponsors: SingHealth, Lee Foundation, National Youth Council, Wild Wild Wet, FOCUS Adventure, Camp Challenge, Singapore Medical Association, Kiddom, DHL, Chaebol Events, Sentosa, Rucksack Inn, Neo Group, Chewy Junior, Ten Ten, Plain Vanilla, J.CO Donuts and Tim Ho Wan.